Giovanni Gabrieli - Magnificat a 12

Giovanni Gabrieli - Magnificat a 12

Zürcher Sing-Akademie | Hofkapelle München | Conductor Florian Helgath - from the program: Psallite Domino

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14 March 2019Print page

Friedrich Nietzsche once said: "When I look for another word for music, only the word Venice occurs to me". This is probably to say that the name Venice is inextricably linked with music. The name of San Marco is inseparably connected with music in Venice. And with the name of San Marco, one is finally reminded of the birthplace and home of multiple choir music-making par excellence. This was to become the epitome of festive and splendid sacred music, not least triggered by the spatial conditions. Since the Middle Ages, when Venice was considered the richest city in the West, the church of San Marco has also functioned as the most important spiritual and cultural centre of Venice. Not only are liturgies and sacred music “Soli Deo Gloria" performed here, but the splendour of the Doge also unfolds on profane occasions and in state representation.