Gregor Aichinger - Regina Caeli

Gregor Aichinger - Regina Caeli

Zürcher Sing-Akademie | Hofkapelle München | Florian Helgath, Conductor - from the programme

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8 March 2020Print page

Wer don't know the exact date of birth of Aichinger, who comes from an old-established family in Regensburg. Llittle is also known about his childhood and youth. In 1577 he is assumed to have been a pupil of Orlando di Lasso in Munich, and in 1578 he enrolled at the Artist Faculty of the Bavarian University in Ingolstadt. It is here that his first contacts with the Augsburg patrician family of the Fuggers were established,a family for whom he later worked in various functions. The Fuggers enabled Aichinger to travel to Italy again and again, primarily to Venice and Rome.